We offer shorter and longer tours in beautiful surroundings in the west part of Iceland

Everyone has an opportunity to experience the nature of Iceland in company of people and horses. 

Horse riding holidays in Iceland, tours in the unspoiled nature of Iceland. 

We have some diffrent categories for diffrent riding skills.  daytours, 1-3 hour tour, week tour.
The longer tours require good riding skills and knowledge of horses, while the shorter tours are well suited for people with little riding experience. 

We wish you welcome and look forward to give you an opportunity to enjoy the Icelandic horse in its natural surroundings - the unspoiled nature of Iceland.

1 hour riding,  Riding skills: some riding experience needed.  You will experience beatiful  natural riding tracks in west part of Iceland.  Price 5.000 iskr.

Wintertour with the traininghorses

You can order a tour by sending us an email birnat@yahoo.com or by calling 699-6116 (Birna) & 899-8886 (Agnar)

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